Dealing with Dog Bite Cases | Know Your Rights and Legal Options

Dog bites might seem like a trivial issue to some, but for the victims of these incidents, they can result in serious physical injuries, psychological trauma, and significant financial costs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 1 in 5 people bitten by a dog requires medical attention. In the face of such a potentially traumatic event, understanding one’s rights and legal options becomes crucial. This blog post aims to guide victims of dog bite incidents in South Carolina through the legal landscape, helping them navigate their path towards justice and compensation.

Understanding Dog Bite Laws in South Carolina:

In South Carolina, dog bite laws favor the victim. The state follows a strict liability rule for dog bites, meaning that the dog owner is liable for injuries caused by their dog, irrespective of whether the dog had shown any prior aggressive behavior. This strict liability law is outlined in South Carolina Code section 47-3-110. It covers not only bites but also injuries caused by a dog in other ways, such as knocking a person down.

This law applies when the victim is in a public place or lawfully in a private place, including the property of the dog owner. However, there are exceptions. If the person bitten provoked the dog or was unlawfully in a private place, the owner may not be liable.

Navigating these legal nuances can be challenging, especially for a victim dealing with physical and emotional recovery. That’s where the expertise of a personal injury lawyer becomes invaluable.

What to Do After a Dog Bite Incident:

The actions you take in the aftermath of a dog bite incident can significantly impact your ability to claim compensation. Here are some crucial steps to follow:

A male German shepherd bites a man by the hand.

Seek immediate medical attention: Dog bite injuries can vary from minor wounds to severe lacerations, puncture wounds, and sometimes even fractures. Moreover, there’s a risk of infection, including rabies. Always have a healthcare professional examine a dog bite injury, no matter how minor it appears.

Report the incident: It’s essential to report the dog bite incident to local animal control authorities or the police. Documenting the incident officially can be pivotal in a subsequent legal case.

Document the incident and injuries: Take photographs of the injuries, torn clothing, the location where the incident occurred, and the dog itself, if possible. If there were any witnesses, get their contact information and a brief account of what they saw.

Identify the dog and its owner: The more information you can gather about the dog and its owner, the better. This information will be crucial when it comes to filing a claim for damages.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help:

Engaging a personal injury lawyer in a dog bite case can be a game-changer. An experienced lawyer understands the state’s dog bite laws and can guide you through the often complex legal process. They can help gather evidence, including medical records and witness statements, and build a compelling case.

In many cases, the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy covers dog bite incidents. However, dealing with insurance companies can be challenging as they often aim to minimize payouts. A personal injury lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, ensuring you receive the full compensation you’re entitled to.

If a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached, your lawyer can take the case to court. Here they will advocate for your rights, presenting your case in the most persuasive manner.

At Dejeu Law Firm, we have experience handling these types of personal injury cases and injuries and have a strong track record in representing victims of dog bites. We guide our clients through each step of the legal process, providing professional and compassionate service.

Potential Damages in Dog Bite Cases:

In a dog bite case, several types of damages can be claimed. These include:

Medical Expenses: This can cover bills for the emergency room, surgery, medication, therapy, and any future medical expenses related to the injury.

Lost Wages: If you’ve missed work due to the injury and recovery time, you may be compensated for those lost earnings.

Pain and Suffering: These damages compensate for the physical pain and emotional distress suffered due to the incident.

Punitive Damages: In some cases where the dog owner’s behavior was particularly reckless or egregious, the court might award punitive damages.

Being a victim of a dog bite can be a traumatic experience. However, understanding your rights and the legal options available can go a long way in ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve. If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog, reach out to us at Dejeu Law Firm. We are dedicated to helping you navigate these challenging circumstances and advocating for your rights. Remember, in the aftermath of a dog bite, you are not alone – legal help is available.