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A former prosecutor  dedicated to representing individuals in personal injury cases in the courts of the State of South Carolina and Georgia.

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We serve those with personal injury or criminal defense cases. The specifics of your situation are important to us – give us a call to set up a consultation. 

Myrtle Beach Auto Accident Representation

Car Accidents

A traffic collision, also called a motor vehicle collision, car accident or car crash, occurs when a vehicle collides with another vehicle, pedestrian, animal, road debris, or other stationary obstruction, such as a tree, pole or building.

Criminal Charge

At Dejeu Law Firm, we handle various criminal defense cases. Give us a call to discuss your case.

Truck Accidents

Trucking accidents are defined as vehicle collisions involving tractor trailers, 18-wheelers, semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles that cause personal injury and/or property damage.


If someone else caused your accident, why are you paying the bill? The Dejeu Law Firm can help you get the compensation you need to recover from a accident.

Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation or workers’ comp is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee’s right to sue his or her employer for the tort of negligence.

Slip & Fall Injuries

A slip and fall injury, also known as a trip and fall, is a premises liability claim, a type of personal injury claim or case based on a person slipping on the premises of another and, as a result, suffering injury. It is a tort.

Dog Bites

For certain canines, their bark is more terrible than their bite – yet for other people, the chomp is similarly as awful.

Wrongful Deaths

Wrongful death is a claim against a person who can be held liable for a death. The claim is brought in a civil action, usually by close relatives, as enumerated by statute.

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We listen to you and the specifics of your case. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment.


Once you've secured Dejeu Law Firm as your representation, we create a legal strategy for your case.

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Our team of legal professional represents you in any legal proceedings concerning your case.

About Dejeu Law Firm

If someone else caused your accident, why are you paying the bill? The Dejeu Law Firm can help you get the compensation you deserve to recover from a accident. Personal Injury Attorney Dejeu will evaluate your case, explain your options and guide you through the process.

As a former prosecutor, I am dedicated to representing individuals in personal injury cases in the courts of the State of South Carolina and Georgia.

At Dejeu Law Firm, we are dedicated to representing our clients with tenacity and care. Give us a call today.

A personal injury lawyer represents a client or clients who have been injured in an accident, and may be entitled to compensation. 

Dejeu Law Firm represents clients who are involved in automobile or auto accidents in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas. If you’ve been involved in an accident, call a car accident attorney – Adrian Dejeu.

Yes! The Dejeu Law Firm represents clients who have been involved in pedestrian accidents. We are dedicated to helping our clients through their personal injury case. 

A personal injury lawyer can investigate claims, gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, file a lawsuit on your behalf, prepare pleadings, conduct discover and represent their clients in a jury trial. 

If you feel like you’ve been injured as a result of negligence or wrongdoing on the part of one or more parties, you should call a personal injury lawyer. Dejeu Law Firm is ready to hear your case!

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What Our Clients Say

Dejeu Law firm helped my family get what we thought was reasonable after an accident that was no fault of our own. They were professional, friendly, and kept us updated on our case. I would recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in our type of situation. Amazing job and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with our settlement. Thank you Dejeu Law Firm!

Stephanie M.
Google Review

Adrian and his team at The Dejeu Law Firm work hard to get you the results you deserve. First-class, top-shelf practice. Don’t bother with the headache of searching for a lawyer you just found one of the best!! Thanks again, Dejeu Law Firm.

Chad S.
Google Review

I have never worked with a lawyer who is so patient and kind when it comes to answering questions on a case. Every time we had a question, Mr. Dejeu was super patient and happy to provide us with viable answers. He solved our case with a swiftness. He is very responsive and made sure that we had multiple ways to contact you. I am very happy with the outcome and recommend him to anyone. Thank you Mr. Dejeu for being so patient and so helpful with our case.

Jimi R.
Google Review