Choosing the Right Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Case

About 24.8 million people visit a physician’s office for unintentional injuries each year. About 24.2 million people have to visit an ER instead. If you sustain an injury due to someone else’s negligence, make sure to hire a personal injury lawyer.

With their help, you can fight for compensation to cover your losses.

Not sure how to find the best Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyer? Read on for the top tips you need to streamline your search today!

Experience and Expertise

There are now over 62,880 personal injury lawyers and attorneys across the US. While some have years of experience practicing law, others are new to the industry. Simplify your search by prioritizing lawyers with years of relevant, hands-on experience.

First, consider the details of your case. Personal injury law covers:

  • Auto accidents
  • Premise liability
  • Product liability
  • Slip and falls
  • Animal attacks
  • Elderly abuse and neglect
  • Medical malpractice
  • Wrongful death

Your lawsuit might fall under one of these categories as a subcategory. For example, medical malpractice includes medication errors, surgical errors, and birthing errors. Auto accidents can involve a car, truck, bike, motorcycle, or pedestrian.

Determine what category and subcategory your case falls under. Then, look for personal injury lawyers with experience handling similar cases. They can leverage their prior experience to further strengthen your lawsuit.

As you begin building a list of personal injury lawyers in Myrtle Beach, first determine how long they’ve practiced law. Then, consider how long they’ve specialized within a specific category. Determine how many cases within that category they’ve handled, too.

Finding a personal injury lawyer with relevant experience and expertise can help you feel more confident in their ability to handle your case.

Otherwise, look into their credentials. Make sure their license is active and up-to-date. Then, determine if they’re part of any legal organizations that specialize in personal injury law.


Once you’ve built a list of personal injury lawyers in Myrtle Beach, you can learn from clients who were once in your position. Take the time to find online client reviews for each attorney. You can find client reviews on their:

  • Website testimonials page
  • Law firm’s Better Business Bureau page
  • Law firm’s Google Business listing
  • The Martindale-Hubbell online directory

Make sure to read reviews from each source. Look for trends between each comment, too. For example, you might find reviews that indicate the lawyer isn’t responsive or professional.

Look for a lawyer who already has a glowing reputation in Myrtle Beach. Their reputation can help you feel more confident in your choice. It can also provide information you might not find elsewhere online.

If the lawyer has a number of serious complaints filed against them, remove them from your list.

Case Results

Once you find a personal injury lawyer with experience handling cases like yours, look into their case history.

First, determine how many personal injury cases they’ve handled in the past year. How many of those cases were similar to yours? If they haven’t handled a case like yours recently, remove them from your list.

Next, determine how many cases like yours they’ve won. Consider how many cases they’ve won overall, too. Look for someone who already has a strong track record.

It can also help to determine how many cases went to court versus how many cases were settled out of court. You can’t predict whether or not your case will go to court. You’ll feel more prepared if the lawyer you choose already has courtroom experience.

Determine how much the lawyer was able to win for their clients, too. If they haven’t won any six-figure settlements, keep searching.

Finding a lawyer with a strong track record of big settlements and awards indicates they have the skills and experience you need.


Consider scheduling a consultation with at least three local lawyers on your list. Meeting them in person can help you gather information that’s not available online. It can also help you determine if you’re comfortable around the attorney.

If they don’t seem ethical, lack strong communication skills, or provide you with a guarantee, keep searching.

Ask the lawyer what outcome they expect from your case. Instead of a guarantee, they should outline your legal options and the potential outcomes of each. The best personal injury lawyer will remain honest and transparent every step of the way.

Ask each lawyer about their availability, too. How many cases are they currently handling? If they’re juggling too many cases at once, they might neglect your case.

They might hand your case off to another attorney at the firm instead. Ask who exactly will handle your case. If they intend to have a less experienced lawyer at the firm take over, keep searching.


During your consultation meeting, ask each lawyer how you’ll communicate moving forward, too.

Some lawyers will provide you with their phone number and encourage you to contact them with questions. Others will have you speak to someone else at the firm. You might not feel they’re hands-on with your case if they’re not your main source of communication.

Size of the Firm

Consider the size of each lawyer’s law firm, too.

Smaller law firms tend to provide clients with more one-on-one attention. Larger firms tend to have access to more resources, but don’t have the personalized care. There isn’t a right or wrong answer.

Instead, consider your preference. Then, review your notes to choose the best personal injury lawyer in town.

Find a Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Finding a Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyer you trust shouldn’t feel stressful. Instead, use these tips to build a list of the best personal injury lawyers in town. Then, narrow down your options based on your needs and expectations.

With their help, you can maximize your claim to receive the compensation you deserve.

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