7 Questions to Ask Your Car Accident Lawyer

car accident
Personal injury lawyers can help you start a claim right away. Here’s a complete guide on when you should contact a personal injury lawyer.

Are you wondering what you should be asking your attorney? Click here for seven important questions to ask your car accident lawyer.

Being involved in a car accident is enough to throw anyone’s day into a blender. There are so many areas that you’re expected to remember if an accident takes place. Sometimes you find that all of these little things go completely out of your mind after an accident happens.
After your accident, you may find that you need further assistance. When it comes to dealing with the atfault party’s insurance, your insurance or the repercussions, you may need a second voice to tell you things are going all right. This is where a car accident lawyer comes in.
Let’s take a look at a handful of questions you should be ready to ask your lawyer. This will help you get ready for those important meetings and prepare you for the events that will follow. Here are a few of the important ones to keep in mind.

Discuss Your Price Point

One area that you’re going to want to talk to your professionals about the most is how much is it going to cost you out of pocket. All cases are different, as are lawyers. You’re going to want to have an in-depth conversation regarding what you can afford and what they expect from you. 

Discuss your financial standing and how much you can afford to put into your cases. This will help you and your lawyer come to the decision if they are the right ones to take on your case. 

At The Dejeu Law Firm, you don’t pay us unless we win your case.  Also, you will get to speak with the attorney, not an assistant or some other lawyer’s help like it may happen at other law firms.

2. About How Long Will the Case Take?

You may want to get a ballpark response on how long your lawyer believes your case is going to take. All cases are different, and the outcome may not happen as quickly as you expect. This is something you also need to be prepared for. 

Get a general answer on when your lawyer believes your case may be resolved. This will help you to know an estimate of what you should expect in terms of compensation and recovery from your accident.

3. What Is Your Success Rate?

When you are hiring an attorney, it is perfectly acceptable to ask about what their success rate has been in the past. Find out if they’ve won their cases before. This will help you to gauge what you should expect for an outcome in your case. 

Most importantly, ask the lawyer when he or she last tried a case before a jury. Many lawyers talk a big game, but don’t have the jury trial experience to back it up.

Getting to know your lawyer’s history gives you the chance to figure out if they are the right people to defend you. This allows you to decide if you should be shopping around for a different lawyer to proceed with your case.

4. What Documentation Do I Need?

A good portion of your case is gathering evidence and backing it up for your lawyers to present in an organized manner. You want to be sure to listen to everything they say and gather everything they need to make your case as strong as possible. 

Much of a car accident case may rely on documentation from the insurance companies as well as doctor visits. Have everything well organized and put together for when your lawyer asks for them. 

Always try to write down what your lawyer says you need to gather. This will help you to remember exactly what is being asked of you in the long run.

5. How Can I Improve My Case?

Find out from your lawyers what you need to do to make your case as strong as possible. Your lawyer may suggest things such as seeing your doctors regularly, doing what the doctors recommend and, as far as it is possible, not leaving large gaps in medical treatment you receive. Keeping records of the medical visits is very important. These little things will help you to make your case stronger. 

Follow everything your lawyer says and put the effort in to make your case as strong as possible. This will give you the best chance at winning when you have everything laid out for mediation or for a jury trial. Your lawyers knows what he’s doing.

6. Is There a Contact I Should Speak With?

Ask your attorney’s office with whom you should be keeping in contact. This will be the representative there when you have any materials that need to come into the office or questions to be asked. Having a number for a direct line or an email address may help ease some of your confusion. 

Be sure to ask what the appropriate contact hours are. Write down any questions you may have for your lawyers and ask your contact if they can pass them along at any point during your case.

7. Do You Believe My Case Is Worth It?

Getting an honest opinion from your lawyer is always beneficial. They wouldn’t be taking on your case if there were any question as to the validity of the subject. Asking them how they feel about your cases will ease your mind and make you more comfortable with working beside your lawyer. Ask them how they feel about where you stand. See if they believe your case will be able to be resolved. Your attorney will give you the most straightforward response that will put your mind at ease and help you build your case as you go.

Your Car Accident Lawyer Is on Your Side

The important part about hiring the right lawyer is being informed. Be sure that your car accident lawyer is the right one for your case. Ask the questions that will give you a clear indication of direction. 

Hiring an attorney can be a nerve-racking process. When you’re ready to discuss your options with a firm that wants nothing but the best for you, shoot us an email or a text message. We’ll get your process started and get you the justice you deserve.